Safety Message

Our commitment to your health and safety.
Eternal Con follows current New York State COVID-19 guidelines. We encourage all to wear face masks but they are not mandated for this event.
Eternal Con reserves the right to limit the number of people in the event at any given time. We also ask people to practice social distancing.
There will be a strict ‘no physical contact allowed’ between attendees and the celebrities for safety reasons.
Celebrities will use ‘their own pens only’ when signing autographs. They cannot touch other peoples pens for health * safety reasons. Please note that we will have a variety of ‘sharpie’ pens in various colors for you to choose from.
Your health and safety remain our top priority, and we have worked closely with government and health officials to ensure we have the strongest operating protocols, with the goal of providing a safe and enjoyable experience.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these challenging times.