Saturday Panel Room 1


12:00pm: The 501st Legion Empire City Garrison Q&A: Buckets Off, Meet the Troopers of Vader’s Fist
Ever seen a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader or Boba Fett walk down your street and wonder who’s really inside? Join the commanders and troopers of the Empires City Garrison (ECG) for an in-depth Q&A session. What type of events do they attend? How are the costumes made? Why did they choose to walk through town with plastic on their butts? Are they recruiting? The ECG has made appearances at charity events supporting organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cerebral Palsy, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer, Walk Now for Autism, Stonybrook Hospital and others. The Empire City Garrison’s volunteer members pride themselves on professionalism and attention to detail in bringing to life the Dark Side characters of Star Wars universe. One of the original garrisons in a 10,000+ member organization that spans across the United States and to nearly 50 countries around the world, the battle cry of “Holding the Line Since ’99” rallies ECG members to spread the love and magic of Star Wars. Come see their hand assembled costumes, props and ask a question or two. Who knows, you may even find the droids you’re looking for! w/ Chris Feehan and members of the 501st.


12:00pm: Podcasting in the Pop Culture World
This panel would be us discussing how we went from a show that started on a single couch, to recording in a car to recording in a bar to where we are now. The breakdown of how it is to have a successful podcast in a world filled with Podcasters. What we want to do is have people who want to start their own show come in and ask us how to get where we got after 4 long years. We would be able to explain the best routes to take, the best programs to us and platforms to get their show on. Also, discuss how to get to the level of Iheartradio. Since we have a brand new network we created launching in August, this gives us the opportunity to meet podcasters who want the opportunity to be heard and with our network we can actually lend a hand. Instead of making it about us, we want it to be a helpful tool to allow people who want to have their own show know its possible to do things on a budget as long as you have heart and passion.


1:00pm: Spotlight on Mike Zeck
He is the artist behind some of the most iconic Marvel Comics ever; Spider-Man’s “Kraven’s Last Hunt” and the groundbreaking “Marvel Comics Secret Wars”. Mike got his start in the 1970’s at the legendary Charlton Comics illustrating horror and mystery stories. From there he went to Marvel Comics illustrating The Master Of Kung Fu. Work on The Punisher, Captain America, and Spider-Man followed. Mike has also worked at DC Comics on Batman and Deathstroke the Terminator. Find out what is up next for this versatile artist.


2:00pm: L.I. Geek presents Wheel of Fandom! Game Show
The popular game show gets flipped on it’s geeky head. Play for fun and prizes!


3:30pm: FX Make Up demo w/ Vince Collura
Join Makeup Artist ActionVance for a discussion and demo of special effects makeup designed for film and tv, but easily adapted to amp up your costume game!


5:00pm: Friend Me: Break into comics through Social Media
Having trouble breaking into the comics and pop culture industry? Are publishers and editors ignoring your pitches? Did your last Kickstarter campaign fail to reach the threshold? Learn how to flip the switch and bring your audience to you by becoming an Influencer. Featuring accomplished writer, artist and podcaster Michael Dolce (Zenescope, Image Comics and host of Secrets of the Sire) and public relations expert Tom Martin with over 25 years in the field working with “Good Morning America,” NBC News and more, this panel will teach you how to build your platform, find your audience and lay the groundwork for your amazing creations.


Saturday Panel Room 2


11:00am: Art of the Fight
Prepare yourself for an exciting panel that shows the creation of a choreographed fight. The members of The Rogue Alliance will demonstrate various fights , and go into detail how stage fights are created. If you are interested in choreographed fights or wish to expand your own repertoire then this is the panel for you. w/ Brandon Hughes, Russ Briggeman and Daniel Reiser


12:00pm: Star Trek Discovery – Disco Lives!
CBS All Access have launched the first of several Star Trek projects with STD. We discuss the show’s bumpy start and it’s promising future.


1:00pm: Trivia of Thrones
How well do you know the world of Westeros? Test your GoT knowledge with Game of Thrones Trivia by the “North Eastwatch by the Sea” fan group. Win prizes!! Hope you know more than John Snow.


2:00pm: Portfolio Review
Calling all aspiring Artists! Are you a future star in the comic book industry?  You will have a chance to have some of the industry greats review and critique your work. You will get very valuable tips and maybe even learn some new techniques to help you in your future! Reviews done by Nelson Decastro and


3:00pm: @NYAvengers Presents: Level Up Your Photoshoot Game
@NYAvengers present a breakdown of how to organize and execute large scale photoshoot productions successfully. Take your photoshoot to the next level and find yourself on the dream movie set your little fanboy/fangirl heart always dreamed of.


4:00pm: Slash Accre Game Demo
Come and check out the upcoming board game Slash-Accre! with it’s creator Chris Hebert. The game is due out soon but come by and see the game played live! Slash-Accre! is A Horror-Themed Miniature/Board Game Based on 1980’s SLASHER Films. If you love the idea of running from a masked killer at a summer camp, this is the game for you!!


Sunday Panel Room 1


11:00am: Everything Old Is New Again podcast
America’s Entertainment Pop Culture Talk show will be recording their show right here live at the convention. This edition they will be airing a their own game show – “So You Think you Know Pop Culture?” – the game tests the contestants abilities with a name that tune of one hit wonders, and another round testing the knowledge of the Avengers quotes from the movies. Do you think you can compete? Come early, you may be a guest on the show and compete on their game show.


12:00pm: Doctor Who Past Present and Future
Ken Deep and Billy Davis from L.I. Who talk Doctor Who and reveal their convention plans 2019!


1:00pm: Spotlight on James O’Barr
Celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of his creation, The Crow. Find out how his major independent comic icon was created and what are his plans for the future of the character. Also, we will celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of the first Crow movie that starred Brandon Lee with behind the scenes stories.


2:00pm: The Comic Culture: Cosplay From Square One
What the Comic Culture, is/was an insightful look into nerdy culture. In this we talk about conventions, video games, wrestling and pop culture in what we call our nerdy news. We mainly try to give advice about cosplay, convention and prop safety. We also dive into deep conversations about cosplay issues that we all face in the cosplay community.
We’ll be discussing how you go from the idea in your head to amazing cosplay’s. How you can build your costumes from everyday items to using better/more complex materials. Also we will be giving important safety, quick fix tricks, and convention prep tips.


3:00pm: Star Wars Costuming for Kids and Families
Are you and your children into costuming and Star Wars? Great so are the cadets at the Galactic Academy! Come sit down with our young members of the Vardos School as they talk about their adventures in costuming and charity. We will also go over how to build a kids Star Wars Costume, enter the Academy and other fun activities to do as a family. w/ Rubin Polizzi, RubyAnn Polizzi, DaVinci Polizzi.



Sunday Panel Room 2


12:00pm: Slash Accre Game Demo
Come and check out the upcoming board game Slash-Accre! with it’s creator Chris Hebert. The game is due out soon but come by and see the game played live! Slash-Accre! is A Horror-Themed Miniature/Board Game Based on 1980’s SLASHER Films. If you love the idea of running from a masked killer at a summer camp, this is the game for you!!


1:00pm: Do we ever leave the “House”? The lasting effects of Hogwarts Houses and Identity.
This interactive panel discussion is an in-depth exploration of how the 4 Hogwarts Houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff) have had a lasting effect on the identity of fans.We will discuss how and why house identity is so important and resonate for fans, the historical and mythological underpinnings J.K. Rowling used when creating the Houses, and how the Houses relate to other personality tests and identity groupings such as the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator and Horoscopes. Please be open and respectful to all houses!


2:00pm: Successful Fandom Focused Events, Charity & Media!
The NY Cosplayer Network, along with its main two outgrowths, The Marvel Universe Cosplayer Network, and The NYC Star Trek Meetup,
will discuss how geeks and cosplayers, through their love of fandom, can impact the community around them, produce successful events/ activities,
and rise to media acclaim! From the NY Times to Bleeding cool, to special appearances on Good Morning America, along with doing high profile charity events
for popular businesses, veteran and other non profit organizations, members will share how to take your cosplay and ‘geekness’ to the next level!
Enchancing your brand! Exposing your talents! All while having fun! 


2:00pm: Beginning Sewing and Armor Making
Wanting to learn how to make your own cosplays? International cosplayer, Ani-Mia, will be teaching some of the basics of building your own cosplay from sewing to armor making. Covering topics from understanding fabrics, building a basic toolkit and armor making supplies. w/ Ani-Mia