Eternal Con has great events going on all weekend long!  Informative panels, movie screenings, Q&A’s, a little bit of everything for everyone!

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11:00am: ‘Star Trek!’ It’s impact on our culture & it’s legacy today!

The message of diversity & acceptance rings strong during these times, how has star trek influenced our national morale in creating a quest for inclusion? How are the current shows bringing home that message and do they stand toe to toe with the OG (original) Trek?


12:00pm: Taking Your Ideas from Concept to Completed Comic

Featuring: Buddy Scalera (Deadpool, Weapon X), Darren Sanchez (Marvel Comics Editor & After Hours Press


Description: Learn how to plan and produce your comic book idea and intellectual property into a publishable comic book. A detailed look at the creative process of developing an idea and getting your comic book made from a Marvel Comics writer and Marvel Comics Editor and independent publisher.


1:00pm: Comics vs Graphic Novels

Featuring: Ramon Gil

The difference and the future of the two industries.


2:00pm: Introduction to 3D printing

Featuring: Andrew Iacona

How to set them up. Picking the right printer for the project, as well going over common myths about printing. (Trust me there are tons!)


3:00pm: Art Portfolio Review and Feedback

Featuring: Buddy Scalera (Deadpool, Weapon X), Darren Sanchez (Marvel Comics Editor & After Hours Press Publisher)

Description: Get direct feedback on your comic book artwork and other illustrations from working comic book professionals. No registration required.


4:00pm: Five Sense to Making Cents: Selling your Comic Online

Featuring: Maryam Muhammad (Maryam’s Mark & Co, Comic Book School)

Description: Learn how to use your website as a marketing and sales tool for your comic book, artistry and/or writing by using our five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) to sell – online. An in-depth review on creating subtle sensory triggers to strengthen user experiences by invoking visitors to stay, interact with your brand, and buy your comics.


5:00pm: Diversity in Comics

Featuring: Ramon Gil

A look at the new cultural trends in comics.


6:00pm: The Captain Marvels in the Movies and TV

In the 1940’s, ’70’s, and today, there have been several Captain Marvels of the past, present, and possibly future in both the big and small screens. They have been of different genders, colors, and possibly planetary origin. But who are these Captain Marvels? What are their origins in the comics? and how the heck did we wind up with so many Captain Marvels? Captain Marvel expert Captain Zorikh explains it all in a fast-paced, passion\at review of comic book and motion picture history that will surprise you!

11:00am: The History of Star Trek from TOS to Discovery and the origin of the Vulcan Salute.

For more than fifty years, Star Trek has been a part of pop culture and interpreted many social issues. Join the members of the U.S.S. Iwo Jima, The Independent Star Trek Fan Group on an insightful discussion about the history of Star Trek from the original Series through the movies and the newest installment Star Trek Discovery. Along the way we will tell the origin of the Vulcan Salute.


12:00pm: Making better comics

Featuring: Ramon Gil

Pictorial lesson on how to make your comics better.


1:00pm: Origin Story: An interactive character workshop in character creation

Featuring: Cathy Kirch (Columbia University; My Writing Hero; Online Center for ADHD Writers)

Rubin (Comic Book School).

Kris Burgos (Tales Beyond)

Dennis Knight (Pronto Comics)

Alexander Sapountzis (Wayward Raven)

Sam Vera (Catch Da Craze)

Description: Join us for a roundtable conversation about how to create compelling characters from both the writer’s and artist’s perspective, followed by an interactive workshop where our panel will create an original character–on-the-spot–based on our discussion and suggestions from the audience. Learn the elements of effective characterization and try to stump our all-star panel.


3:00pm: Medieval Martial Arts in the Modern World

The arts of war of the Middle Ages are undergoing a renaissance thanks to TV shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Knight Fight.” But how well do LARPs, HEMA, historical reenactment, stage combat, and other attempts to revive ancient forms of combat represent what fighting was like in the age of swords, spears, and armor? Join Captain Zorikh with members of the Brooklyn Black Company and the Society for Creative Anachronism as we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various means of bringing those archaic martial arts alive today.


4:00pm: Trailer Park

Preview the Trailers for upcoming movies for 2021. See what the movie industry has planned for you!