Celebrate all the little Superheroes in our lives!

At Eternal Con Sunday is Kids Day!  There will be different activities all day long for all the little superheroes in our lives. Many participating libraries, museums, and cultural attractions will present free craft projects for kids, costume parades and contests, and other “SUPER” surprises. Also, they will have the chance to meet with artists, writers, and other professionals in the Comic Book Industry. Don’t forget, all weekend long, kids 10 and under are free!!


Calling all Superheroes!! The Eternal Con Kids Costume Showcase is a safe and fun special event for all the little Heroes and Heroines! Open to all children up to 12 years old. Prizes for all!


Become a Jedi!

Are you yearning to learn the ways of the force? Do you have a high midichlorian count?

If the answer is yes, then you are about to take your first step to becoming a Padawan Learner and understanding the power of the Force.

One of our biggest family events of the weekend is the Eternal Con “Jedi Academy”. Where a group of Jedi will teach Light Saber techniques to kids-12 and under.

Children are invited to join the Jedi instructors to have fun and learn basic Light Saber choreography technique in this supervised training session.

Every Child gets a free Certificate!

Meet the Heroes!

Children will have the opportunity to meet with many of the Superheroes that attend Eternal Con.

Get costuming advice and show off your own costume!