Saturday Panel Room


10:00am: Over 50 Years of Star Trek
Captain Kirk was only the beginning. Join Edwin Thrower on a trip from TOS to Discovery. – Edwin Thrower


11:00am: How Can Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian Help You?
Libraries aren’t only books and movies anymore. We have stepped into the world of fandom! Come find out what local libraries are doing to bring Star Wars, Doctor Who, anime and all your favorites to life! – Suffolk County Librarian Association Fandom Outreach


12:00pm: The Return of MEGO Corp
Marty Abrams – CEO of Mego Corp. speaks about the return of the World’s Greatest Toy Company and plans for the future – including a new line of 8 inch and 14 inch licensed action figures debuting exclusively at a major retailer.


1:00pm: What can Science Fiction Tell Us about the Future of Work?
You don’t have to look very far to see that science fiction is becoming science fact. Artificial intelligence, automation, and big data are driving innovations through all aspects of modern life. Devices like Google Home, Alexa, and Siri are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how we might use machines in our daily activities in the near future. This begs the question, what does the workplace of the future look like with the arrival of robots and increased human-machine interaction? Our panelists will be discussing how science fiction (i.e., Futurama, Star Wars, the Expanse, Battlestar Galactica, Interstellar) continues to give us glimpses of a future where humans and machines work together to get things done. – Dr. Sy Islam, Dr. Vivian Woo, Dr. Daniel Meltzer, Andrew Martins, M.S.


2:00pm: The Origin of Jack Kirby’s Black Panther
Marvel Studios will be releasing their long-awaited and much-anticipated Black Panther film in early 2018, a cinematic version of the Marvel Comics superhero that artist/storyteller Jack Kirby created back in 1965 as The Coal Tiger, a black superhero without a full-face mask—or mask of any sort—that The Black Panther would eventually wear when he debuted in print in ’66. The circumstances surrounding this drastic change, along with details and insight into the character’s fascinating origin and background that Kirby gave him, and how these are—and are not—reflected in the movie, will be discussed and shown. – Arlen Schumer


3:00pm: Bad Film a Go Go
Come and revel in all things Bad Film! From the golden age dud Reefer Madness to 1950’s clunkers Plan 9 From Outer Space and Robot Monster to modern stinkers like The Room and Birdemic: Shock & Terror. This presentation is for fans of celebrated cinematic failures and encourages the stories of how you enjoy watching these treasures, warts and all. – Mark Bailey


4:00pm: You’re Never Too Young To Cosplay
Does your allowance not cut it for the cosplay you see at the Cons? Well don’t fret! Our panel of super cosplayers will teach you how to make awesome cosplay without spending all your birthday money! the Suffolk Librarians to help you become a cosplay master (or Missy)! – Suffolk County Librarian Association Fandom Outreach


5:00pm: Civil War: Leadership in the Avengers
The Avengers have very different personalities, each hero with different demands and needs. How do you lead a team with so many disparate personalities with different values and different motivations? How do you keep a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes running smoothly without them imploding, figuratively or literally? Dr. Rownak Choudhury, Dr. Sy Islam, Dr. Vivian Woo, Dr. Daniel Meltzer, Andrew Martins, M.S.


6:00pm: Breaking Into Comics in the Social Media Age
Having trouble breaking into the comics and pop culture industry? Are publishers and editors ignoring your pitches? Did your last Kickstarter campaign fail to reach the threshold? Learn how to flip the switch and bring your audience to you by becoming an Influencer. Featuring accomplished writer, artist and podcaster Michael Dolce (Zenescope, Image Comics and host of Secrets of the Sire) and public relations expert Tom Martin with over 25 years in the field working with “Good Morning America,” NBC News and more, this panel will teach you how to build your platform, find your audience and lay the groundwork for your amazing creations. – Mike Dolce


Sunday Panel Room


10:00am: The Future of Doctor Who
Jodie Whittaker takes over as the Thirteenth Doctor this fall. Ken Deep leads a discussion on what we can expect from the new era of Doctor Who. The audience and panelists are encouraged to voice a variety of opinions while staying true to the positive and optimistic spirit that the Doctor would expect. – Ken Deep


11:00am: The FEARSmag Trailer Park
Join FEARSmag’s Executive Editor Joe Mauceri presents trailers and some special clips from upcoming film release, as well as some trivia for some cool swag. – Joe Mauceri


12:00pm: From 2D to 3D- how the makeup artist interprets the printed page to the real world
Panel of makeup/special effects artists talk about how they use the written/printed page and make it come alive through makeup effects. Also, an open ended chat about their careers and experiences. – Craig Lindberg, Church Haley


2:00pm: D2 Comic Culture
An insightful look into nerdy culture. In this we talk about conventions, video games, wrestling and pop culture in what we call our nerdy news. We mainly try to give advice about cosplay, convention and prop safety. We also dive into deep conversations about cosplay issues that we all face in the cosplay community. – Dan Hoffman


3:00pm: Homestuck Beta Troll Q&A
Ever wondered what your favorite Homestuck trolls were thinking about events they went through? Come down and ask them yourself! Remember, don’t be shy and have fun. – Sidestreet Cosplay


4:00pm: Horror Island
Join FEARSmag’s Joe Mauceri and Elsie Ginsberg, founder of the Macabre Faire Film Festival, as well as several genre filmmakers and authors from Queens and Long Island as they discuss what it takes to be a local filmmaker and their take on the current state of the genre. – Joe Mauceri, Elsie Ginsberg


If you would like to contribute a panel to the 2018 schedule, please contact us.