Nelson Decastro

New York based artist Nelson Faro DeCastro (commonly known and credited just as “Nelson”) has been working in comics since 1991 as one of the industry’s most versatile creators. For over twenty years, he has written, penciled, inked, or painting covers for every major comic publisher. In 1993, he did all four when he created, “The Eudaemon” for Dark Horse Comics. Nelson is mostly known for his meticulous cover paintings, Fleer’s Marvel Masterpieces ‘95 set, and lengthy runs on such books as, The Inhumans, Marvel Knights, Superman, and Action Comics. He’s also worked on DC’s Green Lantern Corps, Marvel’s “Iron Man”, “X-Men: First Class”, X-Men Forever 2”, “Venom”, Daredevil, and most recently, Lobo. Nelson is well known for teaching highly popular classes at the School of Visual Arts on drawing comics as well as inking. He is also a voice over artist and can be heard on such television programs as, “Highway Cowboys” and the Discovery Channel’s, “Hell Roads”. He is currently working on a creator owned project called MEGADROID.