Special Performances & Q&A’s





12:00pm: Michael Cudlitz
Q&A with the star of the AMC hit series “The Walking Dead”


1:00pm: Brandon Routh
Q&A with the star of “Superman Returns” and “DC Legends of Tomorrow”


2:00pm: Marvel Legends: Larry Hama and Jim Shooter
Larry Hama has been an actor, musician, editor, writer, and artist; he is a true renaissance man. Mr. Hama created the spacefaring rabbit “Bucky O’Hare” (who went from comics to action figures to an animated series), he wrote the story and did the art breakdowns for the highly sort after “silent issue” G.I. Joe #21, and most important; if you were collecting G.I. Joe action figures in the 80’s, he wrote the majority of their “file cards”. He has worked for Marvel and DC Comics on such character and titles as “Iron Fist”, “Batman”, “Wolverine”, “Wonder Woman”, “Super Friends”, and “Welcome Back Kotter”. In addition to all this, he played three different roles in the Stephen Sondheim musical “Pacific Overtures”. At the age of 13, Jim Shooter began his professional career writing and drawing stories for DC Comics’ “Legion of Super Heroes”. From there Mr. Shooter went on to Marvel, Valiant, Broadway, and Defiant Comics. Join us as we continue a career spanning interview with the man, who as Marvel Comics Editor In Chief, presided over some of the their most creative years overseeing “The Uncanny X-Men” by Claremont and Byrne, “The Mighty Thor” by Walt Simonson, and Frank Miller’s “Daredevil” to name just a few. A true comics legend, Jim Shooter. Face front true believer; you don’t want to miss this!


3:00pm: William Shatner
Q&A with the legendary actor


4:00pm: Superman 40th Anniversary Panel
Join panel host Derek Maki (Coolwaters Productions LLC) for a very special 50 min “Superman: The Movie” 40th anniversary reunion presentation/panel, featuring celebrity guests Sarah Douglas (Ursa), Jack O’Halloran (Non), Jeff East (Young Clark Kent), Mark McClure (Jimmy Olsen) and via SKYPE a special rare live video appearance by actress Valerie Perrine (Miss Eve Teschmacher).


6:00pm: Costume Contest
Eternal Con is proud to bring back the fan favorite, Costume Contest! The LARGEST Cosplay Contest in the area. This event will be simulcast on the 2 GIANT screens. Judges will be looking at the costume itself, the workmanship, design, and inspiration. This will be open to groups and individuals, experts and novices, and costumes from mainstream or self-creative. See all the great costumes and characters! Don’t miss this event!




11:00am Power Rangers
Q&A Q&A with the Red Ranger Steve Cardenas and Pink Ranger Catherine Sutherland


12:00pm Kids Costume Contest
A special contest for all the little Heroes and Heroines! Open to all children up to 12 years old. Prizes for all!


1:00pm Lou Ferrigno
Q&A with the original Incredible Hulk! Don’t get him angry! ☺


2:00pm Kids Jedi Academy
Children are invited to join the Jedi instructors to have fun and learn basic Light Saber choreography technique in this supervised training session. Every Child gets a free Light-Saber and Certificate!


3:00pm Sith Quest 3.5 : Tomb of the Dungeon Master
Ever wonder what the Sith do on their day off? A group of Sith try to play the good guys in Rogue Alliance’s light hearted new show. Sith Quest 3.5 Tomb of the Dungeon Master.


4:00pm Cosplay Cabaret
The Heroes charity along with NYCPN is proud to bring to you cosplayers with talent, skills, and unique artistic expression! Get ready to be dazzzled and entertained!